Profile pic

When i can't figure out what to draw, i draw cartoon type myselfs. I don't know why i do this. I've drawn eleven different myselfs tonight. This was one of them, and i notice i didn't have a profile picture for this blog. Still need a banner too.


Heads and Hands: Mission Complete

This is the rest of mostly everything from this class. The first chunk of sketchbook stuff is homework, the rest in class. I start the new semester next week.


Big Blue

Photoshop helps me use watercolors. One day i'll be good at this. I love Superman.


Annual Self Portrait

My face in the year 2011. Drawn from a reflection.
I plan on doing these till i die.



This is a very unfinished animatic i did for school.
It is very unfinished. Anytime you see a bad cut or a bad drawing or a thing happen and there's no sound effect for it or the music levels fuck up, this is all because this is unfinished and i'm sorry. It will also probably never be finished. It's kind of long and it's an attempt at "serious film making", if you don't want to sit through it all, i completely understand. One of the big problems i had was that i only had so much score to put under the drawings before i would have had to start reusing music cues, so i had all these drawings and not enough room for them. So some stuff only appears for one second, stuff that i would have otherwise held on to build tension or to just give it better pacing.

I did way too many drawings for this, there are parts that are practically key framed. I don't think that's the point of doing an animatic. I actually removed some of the drawings that i originally had just to shave off time. I should have given myself more time to do this, i think if i had more time then it would have came out better. I finished it literally an hour or two before i had to be in class. But ain't that always the way.

I normally hate when people do a big 'don't look at this cause it's bad' thing before showing their work, but at the moment i don't care about being a hypocrite.

I'm working on another animation that will be shorter and finished and not painful to sit through. I need to have a demo reel. I need to have a portfolio. I need to get good.