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rabbit girl



I just got a sable brush. Tried it out. Got big ideas, but i'm scared to make promises.


spring break

spring break
'enjoying' this
i don't even


Rough Animations

These are from February also, i just had to figure out how to put .gifs on blogger. These are actually kind of cropped, click on them for the full composition. Fun to do, i'd like to make more.

Also might be posting some storyboards, They'd be massive posts though so i'm a little hesitant. We're talking like 70+ drawings.
It was a weird month. I'm going to be moving soon, and i'm realizing i have a lot of stuff. A lot of heavy books. I wrote a short story and it's going to be judged by my classmates tomorrow. I'm supposed to be doing some other assignment today but i'm not i guess.

February Done

Every February i try to do this "daily draw challenge" thing with some pals. Here's a lot of this month.

I used to have this urge to explain away each and every one of my drawings, like what i was going for, what i was thinking at the time, just little bits of text to go with the image. Now i just can't find the energy/don't see the point.