Late Xmas Gift

This is the cover for a mix CD i made for a friend of mine.

I'm out of school now and i have all this school stuff that i want to post here, i just need to take the time to photograph/scan it all. I have the time now, i just need to 'take it'.
I'm lazy.
Shhhh, this is a big secret, please shhhhh.

I got a 60 dollar gift card for Borders which i won't buy a single book with. Straight to the dvd section. Criterion please.

I saw True Grit, great movie, everyone should see it and enjoy themselves.
Late Merry Christmas to everybody. I hope the new year is fantastic.


New and old animation

The best part about having a new computer is that i can finally use Flash again. This animation isn't much of anything, it's just a super rough little bit of movement i decided to do because i didn't feel like doing other shit i'm supposed to be doing. But even still i'm proud of it, just because it's been so long since i've made anything like this. I just felt good while i was making this. This feeling gives me hope.

I used to do a lot of flash stuff in middle school and highschool. I used to be really creative and ambitious. I used to think i could create the next Homestar Runner. I didn't have good follow through back then(there was a lot of animations with no endings, lots of scripts for things that will never be realized), but i kind of wish i had that same kind of drive again. When i was younger it was like i was this juggernaut of talent and the only thing holding me back was all the school shit i had to be doing. Now it feels like the only thing holding me back is myself. Maybe that's what it's been the whole time. I don't know.

This other bit of animation was my final for last year. I thought i had lost it forever because the flashdrive i had it on disappeared a while ago. But i was recently one of the school computers trying to send an email and i noticed that there was something i had saved in my "drafts" folder. I had tried to email myself this animation and it didn't go through cause it was too big so it just went in my drafts, and stayed there for a year. So i pulled it off of there and now here it is. I really like the last few seconds.

I want to get back into animating again i think. It's a lot of work but it is actually kind of fun and satisfying when you get it right. I've been in a shitty mood lately, and i need something to fix it. First i need to make it through this semester though. So, i'm going back to doing that now, i have a lot of work that should be done and it totally isn't.


Heads and Hands: The Journey so far

We do so little actual drawing in my Heads and Hands class that i'm able to take pictures of pretty much all the things i've drawn.

We do a lot of these two 2 minute to 30 second warm ups. This a 2 minute one and it's kinda crumy, the 30 second ones are ridiculous, i understand it's supposed to build your speed up but you're not even really looking at the model anymore once you get to 30 seconds. Also i hate wasting paper.

The first day was necks, this is the best neck study i did, the photo came out kinda blurry though. A lot of these are blurry actually... and kinda dimly lit. One day i'll figure this out i swear.

First major assignment was a self portrait. Had to do it infront of a mirror. Came out totally creepy looking but i guess the likeness is sort of there. The rest of the assignments are pen drawings in a sketchbook, which is totally awesome.

Then we were doing these studies either looking up or looking down at the models, kind of interesting. Lens warped the top guy's head.

Here's something i thought was kind of strange, see how i can draw the same person from the same angle twice and have it look totally different on each go. The second one is a better likeness actually, probably because i learned from my mistakes on the first one. Pierre is the best.

We did eye studies. The bottom right eye is a different person than the bottom left eye, even though it looks like one face kinda.

Here's a bunch of hand studies. The model here was very pretty, it was a bummer for me that we were only getting to draw her hands, so you can see me desperately trying to draw her face on these. But she kept moving cause she was oblivious to me doing this.

This was from nose day. The bottom guy in this one is probably my most favorite thing that i've drawn all semester so far. I'm very proud of that.

More from nose day, neat how they're both like the same. It's like one of those weird family photos. Except weirder.

and just for the shoot of it here's a page of notes i scanned with a drawing of my editing teacher. I only scanned this because somebodies in the internet wanted to know what my handwriting looked like. Thought i'd throw it in here.

I might scan some of the stuff i did for advanced perspective, though i'm only proud of a few the drawings right now. Right now i'm supposed to be finishing up 2 drawings for that class, due tomorrow cause i'm a wait till the last minute piece of shit person. I'll definitely try to keep posting more from heads and hands though. My storyboarding stuff would take a long time to scan and might not even make much sense unless i was pitching them to you, but the drawings are a whole lot of fun to do. I'm really liking storyboarding, i'm feeling the most inspired from that class.
So that's me.
Bye for now.


It's only a jpeg

It's been a long time since i've used this. I want to be the guy that uses this all the time and posts every little drawing that i ever do, cause that's the kind of blog that i like to read, and maybe other people will like that about this one. My computer has been not working for a while so i have to use the one in my laundry room. I'm working on getting a new one, once i get that i'll be posting all the time maybe.

Things that have happened since we last left our hero:
-I got a job delivering pizzas like Philip J. Fry to I. C. Wiener, i always thought by this point in my life i'd be the one making the crank calls.
-I've been watching a butt-ton(one ton of butt) of movies/tv shows on Netflix. I think Netflix is the greatest thing about living in America in the year 2010. If i ever had to join the army or something and fight for my country, i'd be doing it for Netflix.
-Another thing is that i'm back in school now and it feels really great. I don't recommend that anybody ever sit out a semester if they don't have to. I kinda had to, but still it sucked a lot. I really missed school. I'll be posting school type stuff soon... well maybe. If i get a new computer then yeah.

I drew these.

goils, pencil

goils and hand studies, pencil

mice and hugo and face parts, pen. These were in class and are actually the most recent thing i'm posting.

more faces and arms and hands, pen/pencil

Some dudes from some photos from some guy that i know sort of. Kind of a half caricature half life drawing type style or something. Done in pencil.
These were all done on stray pieces of paper cause i still haven't shaken that habit of not using my sketchbook.


The finish line

I have a tendency to start a drawing, not finish it, start five other drawings, then go back to finish the first.


Hips like Cinderella

One day all the people who take the photos that i draw from will come find me and yell at me.


The Murricane

I think that's about it with Bill for now.


Always tell the truth

Bill Murray is fun to draw, but kinda tough to get right. I'm gonna do another one cause i don't think this one came out too well.


Nothing new

I don't know why i didn't post these before. The first is from an old photo, probably from Playboy or something? Actually maybe not... she wasn't airbrushed enough. Second was in class, 5 hours if i remember correctly, which is why she's sleeping. She told me she was dreaming of bees, so i drew some bees.


Roger Ebert

This is Roger Ebert as he is now. He is a hero of mine.

There was recently an article about him in Esquire. He's lost his lower jaw and has to communicate through a computer. This paragraph in particular got me a little choked up...

All these years later, the top half of Ebert's face still registers sadness when Siskel's name comes up. His eyes well up behind his glasses, and for the first time, they overwhelm his smile. He begins to type into his computer, slowly, deliberately. He presses the button and the speakers light up. "I've never said this before," the voice says, "but we were born to be Siskel and Ebert." He thinks for a moment before he begins typing again. There's a long pause before he hits the button. "I just miss the guy so much," the voice says. Ebert presses the button again. "I just miss the guy so much."

I can remember when i was in elementary school, my pal J.J. and I used to get together on the playground at lunch time and review movies using the thumbs up/thumbs down grading method Siskel and Ebert popularized. Our own little 'At the Movies' type show, we had even worked out a little intro to the show in our tiny heads that involved us decending from the sky on a giant couch and landing on top of Siskel and Ebert, crushing them. I think this was to imply that our "show" was some how better than there's and that we really knew what we were talking about when it came to movies. Unlike Siskel and Ebert however, we always agreed with each other. And I think we only reviewed Star Wars and Jurassic Park... and maybe Wayne's World? Over the years i've come to realize that Siskel and Ebert knew a lot more about movies than me and my friend J.J. I've become a big fan of Ebert's written reviews, only rarely disagreeing with him, and i frequent his blog a lot as well.

I recently got Citizen Kane off netflix and watched it for the first time. Roger Ebert has a commentary where he explains how each and every shot was accomplished and gives bits of history on the making of the film. I can honestly say it actually made me appreciate the film a lot more. He's also done a commentary for Terry Zwigoff's R. Crumb documentary, which i own on dvd because it's a favorite of mine. Since Ebert has lost his voice, this means he's probably not going to be doing anymore commentaries. I'd always kind of hoped that one day i would venture into film making and that my movie would be worthy enough of having a Roger Ebert commentary... At least i can still look forward to possibly getting a nice review... if i ever end up making anything that is.

Tomorrow I'll be seeing Shutter Island, a film I should be excited to see because it will be the first Scorsese film I will have seen projected in a theater. But i think i'm even more excited because Mr. Ebert just gave it a favorable review. There's a lot more i could say about this guy, but this is supposed to be an art blog... so i'll give it a rest now.


The month so far.

Feburary seems to have started without me. But I vow to not miss another day, as Cog as my witness.

I've got a lot of ideas of different things to draw for this month, something seems to have sparked the creative juices and gases within me. I just hope i can get to all of them.


The doodle habit

These are some doodles that i like. For some reason i have this weird apprehension about actually sketching in my sketchbook. Instead i grab sheets and sheets of printer paper and fill those up while i'm talking to internet people. Then i have piles of paper lying around that i don't want to get rid of and i think "Why didn't i just use my sketchbook? This is what sketchbooks are for"

There's something in me that thinks it should only be reserved for drawings that i put a lot of work and thought into. Like this one?

This is really a stupid habit that i have, and it results in me taking forever to actually fill up a sketchbook. Maybe it's because i actually let people look at my sketchbook, and i want to show off only my best stuff. But sometimes the stuff i don't think about and just spontaneously scribble out onto loose paper can be more interesting than the stuff i work hard on and deem worthy of sketchbook admittance...
Heheheheh... hard on.


Mike Judge

I've decided Mike Judge has the most difficult face to draw in the whole world.
I need to get better at doing caricatures...