Heads and Hands: The Journey so far

We do so little actual drawing in my Heads and Hands class that i'm able to take pictures of pretty much all the things i've drawn.

We do a lot of these two 2 minute to 30 second warm ups. This a 2 minute one and it's kinda crumy, the 30 second ones are ridiculous, i understand it's supposed to build your speed up but you're not even really looking at the model anymore once you get to 30 seconds. Also i hate wasting paper.

The first day was necks, this is the best neck study i did, the photo came out kinda blurry though. A lot of these are blurry actually... and kinda dimly lit. One day i'll figure this out i swear.

First major assignment was a self portrait. Had to do it infront of a mirror. Came out totally creepy looking but i guess the likeness is sort of there. The rest of the assignments are pen drawings in a sketchbook, which is totally awesome.

Then we were doing these studies either looking up or looking down at the models, kind of interesting. Lens warped the top guy's head.

Here's something i thought was kind of strange, see how i can draw the same person from the same angle twice and have it look totally different on each go. The second one is a better likeness actually, probably because i learned from my mistakes on the first one. Pierre is the best.

We did eye studies. The bottom right eye is a different person than the bottom left eye, even though it looks like one face kinda.

Here's a bunch of hand studies. The model here was very pretty, it was a bummer for me that we were only getting to draw her hands, so you can see me desperately trying to draw her face on these. But she kept moving cause she was oblivious to me doing this.

This was from nose day. The bottom guy in this one is probably my most favorite thing that i've drawn all semester so far. I'm very proud of that.

More from nose day, neat how they're both like the same. It's like one of those weird family photos. Except weirder.

and just for the shoot of it here's a page of notes i scanned with a drawing of my editing teacher. I only scanned this because somebodies in the internet wanted to know what my handwriting looked like. Thought i'd throw it in here.

I might scan some of the stuff i did for advanced perspective, though i'm only proud of a few the drawings right now. Right now i'm supposed to be finishing up 2 drawings for that class, due tomorrow cause i'm a wait till the last minute piece of shit person. I'll definitely try to keep posting more from heads and hands though. My storyboarding stuff would take a long time to scan and might not even make much sense unless i was pitching them to you, but the drawings are a whole lot of fun to do. I'm really liking storyboarding, i'm feeling the most inspired from that class.
So that's me.
Bye for now.

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