New and old animation

The best part about having a new computer is that i can finally use Flash again. This animation isn't much of anything, it's just a super rough little bit of movement i decided to do because i didn't feel like doing other shit i'm supposed to be doing. But even still i'm proud of it, just because it's been so long since i've made anything like this. I just felt good while i was making this. This feeling gives me hope.

I used to do a lot of flash stuff in middle school and highschool. I used to be really creative and ambitious. I used to think i could create the next Homestar Runner. I didn't have good follow through back then(there was a lot of animations with no endings, lots of scripts for things that will never be realized), but i kind of wish i had that same kind of drive again. When i was younger it was like i was this juggernaut of talent and the only thing holding me back was all the school shit i had to be doing. Now it feels like the only thing holding me back is myself. Maybe that's what it's been the whole time. I don't know.

This other bit of animation was my final for last year. I thought i had lost it forever because the flashdrive i had it on disappeared a while ago. But i was recently one of the school computers trying to send an email and i noticed that there was something i had saved in my "drafts" folder. I had tried to email myself this animation and it didn't go through cause it was too big so it just went in my drafts, and stayed there for a year. So i pulled it off of there and now here it is. I really like the last few seconds.

I want to get back into animating again i think. It's a lot of work but it is actually kind of fun and satisfying when you get it right. I've been in a shitty mood lately, and i need something to fix it. First i need to make it through this semester though. So, i'm going back to doing that now, i have a lot of work that should be done and it totally isn't.

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