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It's been a long time since i've used this. I want to be the guy that uses this all the time and posts every little drawing that i ever do, cause that's the kind of blog that i like to read, and maybe other people will like that about this one. My computer has been not working for a while so i have to use the one in my laundry room. I'm working on getting a new one, once i get that i'll be posting all the time maybe.

Things that have happened since we last left our hero:
-I got a job delivering pizzas like Philip J. Fry to I. C. Wiener, i always thought by this point in my life i'd be the one making the crank calls.
-I've been watching a butt-ton(one ton of butt) of movies/tv shows on Netflix. I think Netflix is the greatest thing about living in America in the year 2010. If i ever had to join the army or something and fight for my country, i'd be doing it for Netflix.
-Another thing is that i'm back in school now and it feels really great. I don't recommend that anybody ever sit out a semester if they don't have to. I kinda had to, but still it sucked a lot. I really missed school. I'll be posting school type stuff soon... well maybe. If i get a new computer then yeah.

I drew these.

goils, pencil

goils and hand studies, pencil

mice and hugo and face parts, pen. These were in class and are actually the most recent thing i'm posting.

more faces and arms and hands, pen/pencil

Some dudes from some photos from some guy that i know sort of. Kind of a half caricature half life drawing type style or something. Done in pencil.
These were all done on stray pieces of paper cause i still haven't shaken that habit of not using my sketchbook.

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