The doodle habit

These are some doodles that i like. For some reason i have this weird apprehension about actually sketching in my sketchbook. Instead i grab sheets and sheets of printer paper and fill those up while i'm talking to internet people. Then i have piles of paper lying around that i don't want to get rid of and i think "Why didn't i just use my sketchbook? This is what sketchbooks are for"

There's something in me that thinks it should only be reserved for drawings that i put a lot of work and thought into. Like this one?

This is really a stupid habit that i have, and it results in me taking forever to actually fill up a sketchbook. Maybe it's because i actually let people look at my sketchbook, and i want to show off only my best stuff. But sometimes the stuff i don't think about and just spontaneously scribble out onto loose paper can be more interesting than the stuff i work hard on and deem worthy of sketchbook admittance...
Heheheheh... hard on.

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