People who were holding still.

I'll admit i've never actually tried the whole "go out and draw people in the real world" thing. Mostly cause the real world scares me, and part of drawing people means looking at them, which means they might see me looking at them which is bad or something. So a lot of these are backs of heads. Please forgive me but i'm sure in time i'll grow over my fear of eyecontact. This guy i know says he wears aviators so he can look at his page and the person and if he keeps his head still they dont notice. A good tactic. I should try it.

This girl was the model in class, i was supposed to be listening to a lecture on how to draw her instead of drawing her. Funny how that works out. She was cuter than this.

like how the backpack came out.

I really like the little guy's head at the bottom.

Topmost girl was inclass. I'm proud Bottom guy's face.

Tip for outside drawing: Old people hold still the longest. The top guy was there forever just baking in the sun. Probably looking right at me. Looks like the dude from Up, but real. Guy behind him reminds me of a Bill Plympton type character.

The dude on the bottom was there for a long time, playing nothing in particular, just guitar rambling. In the rain. Once i was done i showed it to him and he got a kick out of it. It was a neat sort of "artists feeding off each other" moment which made me feel real good inside while it lasted. I should stop putting things in quotes.

This last girl was in class. She's cute. I should talk to her.
That's it.

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  1. You should draw her riding a unicorn in the friendly forest. Then show it to her and ask her if she wants to be in a relationship.

    You can even tell her that some jerk on the internet told you to do it.

    The guitar-guy turned out nice. You could draw him on a unicorn too.